Sean Fox | General Partner of Ovis Group and CEO of Fox Group
Over $90M in Transactions, $35M + in passive team Transactions.
Victor has blown me away with his ability to make something complicated, so easily manageable and digestible. I never even realized how much time I could of been capitalizing on until I began implementing systems to help me.
Business became easy, and I wasn’t aimlessly running around doing the same thing. His systems allowed me to transition into building a team, saving me tons of time. I was making the same amount if not more money with 50% of the effort.
Acmeridian is going places, and Im grateful to have joined early in their journey.
Tony Zhang | PREC
Over $27M in Transactions closed.
Tony Zhang: Victor and Acmeridian has been a true game-changer for my real estate business. Their integrated approach has saved me valuable time and allowed me to scale.
Their campaigns they designed delivered exceptional compared to the classic CRM lead gen, bringing in high-quality leads and increasing conversions. I didn’t think I had enough time on a daily basis, but what they did was make my time more valuable by focusing on the right things.
Brandon Faber | PREC
Over $34M in Transactions.
When Victor first approached me I honestly didn’t think I needed his company’s service. Either way I was curious and gave him a listen. He was so passionate and convinced he would bring me results I decided to give him a shot.
Not only did he make the process simple, easily understandable, and delivered quickly, but the material was top notch, and gave me the confidence to close like no tomorrow. He completely changed my view of business.
He took me to another level, and over time also became a close friend and supporter. I thank Acmerdian for allowing me to do what I thought would take 5 years in a matter of months.
Tevan Singh | PREC
Over $24M in Transactions closed.
Victor and Acmeridian’s assistance with my social media business has been the greatest decision of my career.
I was wasting excessive time editing, coming up with video ideas, posting and managing my account, my content was sub par yet I was unaware because I didn’t have anyone in my corner. As we systemized things we took my business to the next level, freeing up my time and producing quality content that blew up my outreach from potential clients, my views, and my followers.